Mobility Issues

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kyle said...

This reminds me of a project I did for a class a few years ago. I was a paraplegic for 24 hours. I found all the flaws the college (luckily not as large as a university) had in sidewalks, doors, ramps, etc... The one time I really cheated was when I had to cross railroad tracks going from one part of campus to the other. I found sidewalks that weren't level. I found the door to the choir room (I was a music major) had about a 2-inch lip after a short ramp up... and the door opened outwards toward you. That was impossible without help. I also had only a 'manual' wheelchair. Getting ready in the morning was also an experience (think putting on pants... without being able to use your legs at all).

Now here the university holds an 'Accessibility Awareness Week' each year with a similar idea (with other challenges, such as an arm in a sling, an eye patch, crutches, etc...), but it is only for an hour or two.

Nice job.