January Across America - Day 2 - Omaha to Chicago

What a difference 20 years makes.

The last time I travelled across Nebraska I was an early teenager and I remember very little enjoyment during the process.

Here's what I discovered yesterday along the route:

  • Where there are cottonwood trees there is water.
  • Once you leave Utah, people actually follow the rules driving on the interstate.
  • Lincoln loves football.
  • Omaha loves baseball.
  • Runza is a delicious local fast food chain.
  • I don't want anything to "Shine bright like a diamond" again. Ever. (Really Rihanna?)
  • Nebraska is beautiful in January.
Thank you everyone for sending me messages via email or Facebook. Your tips help make this a very unique experience for me so keep them coming!

I may not respond right away while I'm driving, but I am reading your messages along the route. So, keep them coming!!!

Here is an example (I hope she wont mind me sharing) from a Facebook message I received yesterday morning:

"You know.....I am a daughter of Nebraska. I often miss The Plains. But not in winter . . . Nebraska's been good to me. Hope it's good to you today. Travel safely and go with God!"
I love this. Nebraska was a perfect place to start the trip and it was good to me.

Today's schedule:

Omaha to Chicago 
471 Miles (7 hours)

Iowa and Northern Illinois are on the dock for today. I seem to remember that the Iowa state capitol was stunningly beautiful so I'm planning on stopping in Des Moines.

Otherwise, I'm not sure.

So what's up Hawkeye fans? What makes Iowa so great? (It can't just be that the future Captain Kirk is from there).

Look for more pics from the little red chicken along the route.

See you in Chicago!


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