January Across America - Day 1 - Denver to Omaha

There is greatness in this country of ours, I am convinced. I set out today on a journey of discovery and wonderment, yes, even in January.

As I write this in the pre-dawn hours in my hometown of Denver, Colorado I am filled with excitement at the road ahead, understanding that my knowledge of the cities and states in which my route will traverse is generally limited to childhood vacations and academic study of city and regional planning.

I am also keenly aware that I need some coffee.

The thought crossed my mind that social media was made for an experience like this. I intend to utilize it.

It is my hope that you, my Facebook nation, will not just follow along as I post pictures and write about the places I am to go, but will help contribute with your knowledge, experiences and love of place.

Here is today's schedule:

Denver to Omaha
538 miles (8 hours)

So . . . for those of you in the know . . . tell me what's great about Nebraska.

I'm planning on stopping at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln to check out a different campus bathed in red. Then it's on to check out Omaha for the rest of the afternoon and evening (I hear nothing but good things about Omaha, I'm excited!).

One last thought . . . I'd like to avoid stereotypes (we all have them) or any mean spiritedness toward people, places or things (verbs are fine to pick on).

In the words of a Mormon children's hymn, "Let us all speak kind words to each other . . ."

See you in Nebraska!

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