crucible of events

Sometimes it’s all just a little too much.

Too much to process . . .

Too much to feel . . .

Too much to experience . . .

. . . to take it all in at once.

This has been my experience so far in Argentina. For now, it is so difficult to express my thoughts in way that would do my emotions justice.

It is one of those kinds of experiences.

After 5 weeks in the country I have finally determined what my final projects will be. Along with the art project that I am working on (see last blog post), I will be interviewing an array of beautiful people, both old and young, men and women, students and professionals, straight and gay about their perspectives on life in Santa Fe and Argentina as a whole.

I hope to capture the joy and the pain, the victory and defeat and the overall attitude about what makes Argentina this incredible place that I have fallen so deeply in love with.

I would be curious to know what questions you would ask the people down here. Send me an email with your thoughts and I might include them in the film.

If you have not signed up on Facebook yet, my pictures are all uploaded there of the trip thus far. I hope you enjoy.

More soon . . .

1 comment:

Ana Belen said...

It's realy an honor to feel your words

you are a good writer, cause you write from you heart.

I would like can see our contry un the way you do..

sorry again for not speak/write so well in english
I hop you can understand my words

Great blog :)

Ana Belen from Argentina